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Autism e-cards

I’ve been enjoying the e-cards that have been turning up on Facebook lately, and decided to construct a few of my own about autism. Do feel free to make your own too, and share them with me via the comments … Continue reading

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Problem-Solving Nippled Art

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My son and I were watching his favourite after-school TV show yesterday, when they started promoting a competition for the kids: Send in a self-portrait and you’ll go in the draw for a game system. Awesome opportunity to do some … Continue reading

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“Uh oh, you’re not busy…”

It’s a Friday morning before school. Mummy (that’s me) is clearing her emails. Daddy is making his own breakfast in the kitchen. Son #2 (my 18 month-old, let’s call him “Timmy”) is having his breakfast in his high-chair. Son #1 … Continue reading

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Where girls belong, and buying a sister

My son has been trying to figure out gender, and where babies come from (though I don’t think he yet realises that these two issues are closely intertwined). The resultant discussions have lead to some… interesting conclusions and summaries on … Continue reading

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I almost love you…

My husband and I decided to visit my mother at her work earlier this week. She’d been away over the Easter break and I was keen to catch up. So we set about getting the children ready, which of course … Continue reading

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My children’s laughter is the panacea for my hardest day. Just hearing either of them laughing puts the world in perspective. I can make my youngest laugh so much that he can’t stay standing, just by saying the words “yuck … Continue reading

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A conversation with Yoda, if he was autistic, and liked clocks…

My autistic son has a lot to say. But what he’s saying and what he means is still often a mystery. I’ve decided to record his words while I sit at the computer for a rest between chores. It will … Continue reading

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My son’s most amusing sentences of 2010

Inspired by the comments I received on my previous post, I have decided to share my favourite sentences from my autistic son in 2010. He has only really started using sentences this year; he has come a very long way … Continue reading

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Humorless and Humorous Autism

It should hardly be surprising that I don’t like it when other people laugh at my son’s attempts to communicate and interact with the world; they are effectively making fun of his disability when they use his echolalia to amuse … Continue reading

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A beautiful thought on a short-haired day

Yesterday, I had a beautiful thought. Right after I’d had it I realised how amazing it was, considering everything I’ve been through with my son. Before I tell you what the thought was, I just want to say a little … Continue reading

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