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The Challenges of Spotting Autism in Siblings

Whether I currently have one or two sons with autism, is waiting to be confirmed. I have an eight-year-old son whose autism was diagnosed at age three, and a second son who is strongly suspected to have autism but remains … Continue reading

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The gift of a neurotypical brother

I want to preface what I’m about to write, by saying that I have always loved my autistic son. I have always chosen to be closely involved with his daily life and to help him with his daily struggles. But … Continue reading

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The impact of birth order, on attitudes towards the child, autism, and parenting

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My first child was autistic. The fact that I hadn’t raised or parented a child previously, had a huge impact on my experiences with and attitudes towards autism. The combination of first-time-mother anxieties and experiential ignorance, with a special-needs child … Continue reading

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A beautiful thought on a short-haired day

Yesterday, I had a beautiful thought. Right after I’d had it I realised how amazing it was, considering everything I’ve been through with my son. Before I tell you what the thought was, I just want to say a little … Continue reading

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The Perfect Little (Autistic) Baby

My first son was frequently called a “perfect baby”. Within a couple of months, he’d sleep a good eight hours in a row at night. He had many long day naps as he got older, and wouldn’t wake easily. He … Continue reading

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Stop breeding, your next child might have special needs…

The first professional to identify my son as Autistic was his doctor, when my son was three. And the first piece of advice he gave me about this newly discovered fact was that I should consider not having any more … Continue reading

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