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So long, and thanks for all the clicks :)

This is my last blog post. There are a number of reasons I’m moving on, that have been impacting me for a while and have now become too overwhelming to continue this blog (nothing too scary – I’m OK!). But … Continue reading

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Your Voice Has Not Been Approved

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I’ve been a very quiet blogger lately, quiet enough that you may have suspected I’d quit blogging. Hell, even I suspected I’d quit blogging. I’d started a new career, been published, moved house, got two new insanely adorable kittens, and … Continue reading

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The Storyteller

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When I started this blog, I was my son’s storyteller. His communication skills were so limited, and the future of those skills still so unclear; there was a good chance I would always be his storyteller, as the person in … Continue reading

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Blogging Anniversary #4 – Review of the past year.

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Each year on my blog’s anniversary, I have a look back on how far I’ve come, and share my most popular and noteworthy blog posts. It’s a good way for me to keep a record of how my blog is … Continue reading

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“All About Autism” by my 8 year-old son.

Today my son and I have decided to do a blog post together, about autism. This has come from recent discussions on what blogging is and what I blog about (originating from a  discussion about his teacher’s school blog). I … Continue reading

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Review of my Third Year of Blogging.

I’ve now been blogging on autism for three years. Each year (year one, year two) I do a review looking at the most popular posts from my blog, and my favorite bloggers of the past year. First, some progress stats. … Continue reading

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Cringing at Autism in the Shadows, and Autism Politics

There are some pieces of personal writing that I want to love, because they push an important point into the spot-light or provide a new take on a worn issue. A particular issue that concerns me when it comes to … Continue reading

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When your blog becomes someone else’s tool for harm.

You all know about the recent school shooting in America, and the controversy and misinformation linking the shooter’s autism to his premeditated violence. I don’t need to tread that path, others have done it better than I could have hoped … Continue reading

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Stats and Review of my Second Year of Blogging!

My blog is now two years old. This time last year I did a post recording all my stats and reviewing my most popular posts at that time, as well as mentioning my favourite bloggers. I found it interesting to … Continue reading

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Where do good bloggers go when they stop blogging?

Yet another awesome autism blogger – Sharon from “The Tumultuous Truth” – has called it quits. I’ll add the words “inactive blog” to the link on my blog roll, as I have done for a fair few over the years. … Continue reading

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