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Drowning in Need: Autism and Swimming in New Zealand

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The ability to swim is particularly vital for autistic children, as they are 160 times more likely to drown than other children are. That shocking statistic is a result of many factors, including that about 50% of autistic children wander, … Continue reading

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Sensory Issues are not the same as “Irrational Fears.”

Earlier this year I was reading a national newspaper lifestyle story, about a family taking their Asperger’s child with them on holiday to Fiji. As I read it I felt very uncomfortable about the family’s attitude and approach to their … Continue reading

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Questioning Pain: Autism, and the experience and expression of pain

A recent comment on the “About” section of my blog, prompted me to investigate the question of pain and autism. I was already familiar with the notion that autistic people frequently report higher thresholds of pain, and are less expressive … Continue reading

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The Problem with the Existence of Buttons

My son has many clothing quirks. Some of his earliest ones were refusing to ever wear socks or shoes, not wearing any fabric which wasn’t the plainest of cottons, and an aversion to zips. His clothing issues never seem to … Continue reading

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Not off to the movies, yet..?

My son is a big fan of the movie “Cars”, so we know he’ll be a big fan of “Cars 2” as well, but he’ll have to wait for the DVD. My husband was very keen to take him along … Continue reading

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The endless anxieties of “everything matters,” and the question of medication

My son’s autism is punctuated by extremely high anxiety levels; so high, and so hard to manage, that we specifically asked his developmental pediatrician to re-evaluate him for a separate anxiety disorder in addition to the autism, and to consider … Continue reading

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A Gut-Feeling about Autism

My own opinion of the relationship between autism and gut problems (based on research and extensive reading, rather than a “gut-feeling”), is that the two issues need to be approached separately: More specifically, that there is nothing inherent in autism … Continue reading

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No ordinary activities; should autistic children pay lower fees?

I came across a post asking whether families with autistic children really should be entitled to pay less for “ordinary activities”. Here “ordinary activities” refers to activities like sports groups or zoo visits; ones that aren’t specifically tailored to autistic … Continue reading

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The forgotten physical impacts of autism (aka, my son the Superman)

The public perception of autism is that it is only about the mind or brain, there seems to be little or no appreciation of the impact autism has on the body. My son is one of the “estimated 60%–80% of … Continue reading

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The social life of a mum of a 5 year-old baby..?

Keeping up a social life – of any description – when you have an autistic child, is a real challenge. You can either take your child with you, which creates all sorts of issues and anxieties for the child, and … Continue reading

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