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Proving Disability; The Never-ending Story.

Getting a diagnosis of a serious disability from a specialist, is never the end of the story. It is not the final step to proving your child’s disability to the public and the Government, even though the diagnosis is the … Continue reading

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Is the DSM-5 the correct culprit in loss of services?

There is a concerning statement released from the Autism Action Network (AAN), that claims there have been losses of services to autistic individuals because of the DSM-5. In response to this loss of services, AAN are trying to block the … Continue reading

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Government Benefits and Allowances for Autism, in New Zealand

Figuring out what benefits – if any – you can access from the government, to help financially support a child (or adult) with autism, can be quite a daunting task. I’ve encountered many people with an autistic child who have … Continue reading

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Unfriendly Consequences: What competition for limited resources does to the autism community and autism families

What happens to a community of people facing the same challenges, forced to compete for limited resources (particularly government resources)? The effects I’ve seen at a local level – here in New Zealand – appear to be replicated overseas, according … Continue reading

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From Diagnosis to Support, Part Two: Funding for starting school

Once my son’s fifth birthday loomed, it was time to work on his ORRS application. ORRS stands for Ongoing and Reviewable Resourcing Scheme, it is administered and supplied by the Ministry of Education. If his application was approved, he would … Continue reading

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From Diagnosis to Support, Part One: The Kindergarten Years

I’ve decided I should record the steps we went through, from diagnosis to full and on-going support for our autistic son. It was a very long and stressful journey, but worth the outcomes. I hope by sharing this other people … Continue reading

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