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Is the DSM-5 the correct culprit in loss of services?

There is a concerning statement released from the Autism Action Network (AAN), that claims there have been losses of services to autistic individuals because of the DSM-5. In response to this loss of services, AAN are trying to block the … Continue reading

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Gathering autism DNA; dis/benefits, ab/uses, and a question of knowledge.

There have been a fair few local news stories lately, about the new project here in New Zealand to gather and study the DNA of autistic individuals. The research project is currently actively recruiting people and seeking much-needed monetary donations. … Continue reading

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Stealthy and Unhealthy Mental Health Screening? NZ’s B4 School Check. Part Two: Public Perception of Stigma and Mental Health.

[Edit: My views on this have since changed in some regards, please see the post here for clarification.] This is a continuation from the previous post, looking at the controversies surrounding the use of the SDQ in New Zealand’s “B4 … Continue reading

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A Few Good Reasons to Like the DSM-5 Autism Criteria Changes

Concerns about the up-coming changes to the autism criteria in DSM-5, have now seeped their way into the wider autism community, and indeed into the broader public consciousness. The most popular critiques were originally directed at the loss of existing … Continue reading

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Intent vs Effect re the Exclusion of General Developmental Delay under ASD in the DSM-5

This post is a more in-depth analysis of the issue identified in an earlier post, in regards to the potential exclusion of those with intellectual disability from an autism diagnosis. This is a complex issue and I am open to … Continue reading

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Not ready for introduction of routine screening for autism? Clarifying the issues.

There is a newly published journal article in Pediatrics, called “Early Autism Detection: Are We Ready for Routine Screening?“, that is causing a bit of concern and upset, since it’s conclusion is that we are not ready for the roll-out … Continue reading

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Imagine that…

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One of the first things I was told about identifying autism, was that every autistic child exhibits the “triad of impairment”: Impairments in social interaction, social communication, and imagination. My son ticked every box and then some. His imaginative play … Continue reading

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Autism, by any other name…

There are a wide range of responses to the proposed changes to the DSM criteria for autism (due to come into effect in 2013). Some view it positively for the exact same reason that others view it negatively (“Aspergers will … Continue reading

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Autism is not

(All of these misunderstandings about autism, are ones I’ve had to personally deal with, most of them in face-to-face conversations. I recently had to deal with a bunch of these over a phone call.) Autism is not the inability to … Continue reading

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Lessons learnt from taking the Broad Autism Phenotype Test

I recently came across something called the “Broad Autism Phenotype” (BAP) test. My natural inclination with online autism tests, is to be sceptical and weary, particularly because I’d come across other online tests that made everyone come out as “a … Continue reading

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