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From Circular Wheels to Circular Time; Reflections on the Evolution of my Son’s Fixations.

My son’s obsessions are a part of his autism (as recognised under both DSM-IV and the future DSM-5). He was quite typical with his original fixations; the classic autistic child lying with his head on the floor, eyes level with … Continue reading

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For the love of clocks

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By now, you know my son adores clocks. You’ll remember the story about how we took him to the zoo, and he stopped to stare at a clock rather than see any more animals. You may even recall the rather … Continue reading

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My children’s laughter is the panacea for my hardest day. Just hearing either of them laughing puts the world in perspective. I can make my youngest laugh so much that he can’t stay standing, just by saying the words “yuck … Continue reading

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A conversation with Yoda, if he was autistic, and liked clocks…

My autistic son has a lot to say. But what he’s saying and what he means is still often a mystery. I’ve decided to record his words while I sit at the computer for a rest between chores. It will … Continue reading

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My Little Sylar

My son has an (often annoying) fascination with clocks. Time used to haunt him, and be the cause of many a meltdown. Until we got him a Time Timer, which is a fantastic device for helping special needs children cope … Continue reading

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