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Guest Post at Not PC: “In Fear of Vaccines?”

Writing about the link (or rather lack of a link) between vaccines and autism, always brings out passionate emotion. As a general rule I’ve chosen not to confront the topic head-on through my blog, for the reasons outlined in a post I did … Continue reading

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Parenting the Autism Away…

I’m going to start with a deceptively simple statement: Good parenting can lessen the severity of autism. If I just stop now, I’ll have left you with the groundwork for a huge number of the misconceptions I see almost everyday … Continue reading

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Paths into and out of autism; understanding the love and hate.

I want to propose a different way of thinking about disability – and autism in particular – than what I have encountered so far. I want to challenge the idea that it is helpful to think of all autism in … Continue reading

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My son said something about autism, that shocked and frightened me. After it was said and the incident was dealt with, I tried to decide if it was the sort of thing I could or should share on my blog, … Continue reading

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A quicky on the internet and ASD; how something rotten lead me to something beautiful.

Because the awareness and (arguably accordingly) the numbers of autism, are on the rise, and yet it still remains mysterious and misunderstood, “autism” is an easy term to toss around when you want to sensationalize your latest cause. Whether its … Continue reading

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Genetic origins of Autism; when is autism, not autism? Fragile X and Rett Syndrome

Please note, this post is just the result of personally driven research over the past couple of days. It is not the informed opinion of someone who works with or lives with children who have either Fragile X or Rett … Continue reading

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Abortion of the Disabled; An International Crime? The New Zealand Down Syndrome Question

Here in New Zealand, the anti-abortion organisation “Right to Life” has announced that it is going to take the government to the International Criminal Court, for pregnancy screening practices that identify Down syndrome children. They claim that about 90% of … Continue reading

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What it means to have acceptance of autism

“Acceptance of autism” is seen by some as a passive and defeatist stance, by others as a positive first step towards the best future for your child, and by yet others as an un-necessary statement that implies either a negative … Continue reading

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Review of Seth Mnookin’s “The Panic Virus”

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“The Panic Virus” is a tale of vaccines gone wrong and vaccines gone right, and how it is that autism got so tightly wrapped up with the issue of vaccine-injury. Seth Mnookin makes it easy to understand how desperate parents … Continue reading

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Commentary on results of “World Autism Views” survey

Last month I took part in a “world autism views” survey by an organisation called “Relate to Autism”. I came across it randomly via a local online forum. As you can see from the discussion in that forum thread, we … Continue reading

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