My New Blog: Sounding Out Dyslexia

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As you’ll have noticed, my original blog Autism and Oughtisms has been inactive for a couple of years. A key reason for this was receiving a dyslexia diagnosis for my youngest son (who also has autism) and the need to reorient all my efforts into understanding what this meant and what he needed from me. My journey and my son’s journey has been crazy-hard and isn’t over yet, but I’ve learned enough at this point that I feel ready to start blogging about it the same way I did about autism. It didn’t make sense to write under the same blog title though, so I’ve set up a new blog: Sounding Out Dyslexia. I still write under my original blogger name of Autism and Oughtisms (mostly because I haven’t figured out yet how to change that at this stage, I’ll figure it out eventually though!). Even though it will be mostly about dyslexia, I’ll continue to write on themes such as disability rights and supports in New Zealand, and as my son is autistic the relevance of that will pop up now and again too of course. The site is still very new and I’m still tweaking it a bit, but I have a few preliminary posts up if you want to have a look.

Link to the new blog:

Link to the first post of the new blog, “A is Still for Autism”:

There is no associated Facebook or Twitter or other social media with it yet, I may continue to use the old handles but again I’m still nutting out the details. I’ll update this post if/when that changes.

Despite dealing with my son’s dyslexia and reading about and researching it and being part of dyslexia communities for a couple of years now, I know I still have a lot to learn. My blog is part of that ongoing journey, feel free to join me 🙂

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  1. Looking forward to reading all your new blogs on dyslexia

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