Guest Post at Not PC: “In Fear of Vaccines?”

Writing about the link (or rather lack of a link) between vaccines and autism, always brings out passionate emotion. As a general rule I’ve chosen not to confront the topic head-on through my blog, for the reasons outlined in a post I did three years ago called “Don’t mention the ‘V’ word.” (Which is not to say I have avoided the topic entirely on my blog though, you can find an example here.) However, as anti-vaccine sentiment – and the fall-out from it – continues to spread, I found myself rethinking my stance. The combination of a recent statement from the World Health Organisation, and the invitation to do a guest post on the blog “Not PC,” gave me the impetus to write about it again. So if you’d like to read a (somewhat heated) post of mine on the topic over at the blog “Not PC,” this is where you can go to find it:

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3 Responses to Guest Post at Not PC: “In Fear of Vaccines?”

  1. caelesti says:

    Thank you for speaking out about this. I have zero tolerance for anti-vaccine people especially in autistic/autism community spaces- I have no patience for “let’s keep quiet for the sake of community harmony.” This allows people who are spreading harm to keep doing so. I still try to be civil with those who disagree but I draw a line after a certain point.

  2. Very little debate so far on your post. I think you’ve scared the nutters away by force of argument.

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