Review of my Third Year of Blogging.

I’ve now been blogging on autism for three years. Each year (year one, year two) I do a review looking at the most popular posts from my blog, and my favorite bloggers of the past year.

By Kristina B, via Flickr

First, some progress stats. All my blog stats have basically doubled over the past year: My blog now sits at 235,805 hits for all time, my Facebook page now has 442 fans, I have 1052 Twitter followers, and 203 people are signed up to email notifications for each time I do a new blog post.

My most viewed post is finally no longer the one about autism and violence, it is now “Distinguishing Giftedness from Aspergers; will the DSM-5 help?” The most commented on post is now no longer my post on marijuana, but my post called “The Privilege Game” written in February this year. “The Privilege Game” is arguably my most controversial and most deeply misunderstood post of all time; people came to it with preconceived ideas about what I was attacking and trying to say, and launched personal attacks on me for claims I never even made in the piece. If you want to read the post and haven’t done so before, please read it with an open mind! I’ve reread it many times since I first published it, and I still consider it a valuable post about misuses of “privilege.” (Feel free to make up your own mind on that though.)

Other people’s blogs that have been capturing my attention and heart of late, are “Yeah, Good Times” by Jill, “Mostly True Stuff” by Lexi, and “Snagglebox” by Bec. All of whom are amazing women as well as talented writers and great advocates. If you haven’t encountered their blogs yet, it’s worth your time to have a look.

As for where my blog has come from and where it is now heading, I have seen the shift in focus on my blog move along with the shift in my own son’s autism. I have moved from sharing the horrors and amusements of my early years with him, to focusing on diagnostic instruments and trying to comprehend the autism community, to the gradual shift I’m experiencing now more towards advocating around autism news stories and looking at the more subtle yet important challenges of living with autism as a child ages. I’m happy for my blog to evolve along with my personal interests and experiences, and I hope you will continue to find reasons to read and enjoy my blog too. I really do very much appreciate my readers and their comments, so thank you yet again to each of you who have taken the time to share this blogging experience with me over the years 🙂

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8 Responses to Review of my Third Year of Blogging.

  1. jillsmo says:

    YAY FOR YEAR THREE!! You are awesome and I hope you never stop writing ❤

  2. Matty Angel says:


  3. suburp says:

    I love your blog, i must read more regularly and backread. I think I like your NZ perspective, although things seem still different from Oz, I feel closer to you (not only geographically) than to the many US blogs.. you have a great way with words and I like reading well written blogs sometimes more than the raw gut-driven rants you come across in the autism blogging world..(they also have their place. but reflection is more productive i think) Also very interesting to see you analyse how you have changed your blogging along with the changes in your life. =) definitively will follow you along.

  4. Bec says:

    Congratulations on another year of insightful, fascinating and well-written posts. I really appreciate the time and thought you put into the things you write, you always give me much to think about. And thank you for your kind words, I’m really looking forward to following along for another year 🙂

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