Giveaway and Review of 3 Games from Funnybone Toys: Cubu, Spectrix and Array.

I’m giving you the chance to win three high-quality games from Funnybone Toys. I’m going to tell you why you want to win them, and tell you how to win them.

The three games are called Cubu, Spectrix, and Array. They are all card games, but they’re not the run-of-the-mill type you may be used to. Each game plays on the simplicity and attraction of colour, which is an easy concept to work with when trying to explain game rules to a young child.

The suggested age range on the box of each game, is 8 years to adult, but I wouldn’t view this as a restriction, since my 7 year-old autistic son managed to grasp the basics and enjoyed each game. (Spectrix in particular will appeal to younger players, because you can simply convert it into a memory match game or as flash cards to help a child recognise and learn colours.) The website also gives “adaptive play” variations for each of these games, to allow you to change game-play to suit different abilities and developmental levels. For me this was a highlight of this product: The awareness and responsiveness to the differences among children, I wish more companies had this level of consideration and insight when it comes to products for our kids.

The benefits of playing any game with any child, apply even more so to an autistic child: Learning about turn-taking; dealing with losing; and the social interaction itself that is part of playing a game with others. All these games can be played with only two people if you like, which is a good starting point for coping with waiting your turn! An added benefit for my son, was being able to watch clear video instructions for each game on the website, which he finds an enjoyable and accessible way to learn something new.

My husband and son playing Spectrix (my son is excitedly standing on a chair in the background).

My husband and son playing Spectrix (my son is excitedly standing on a chair in the background).

My son’s favourite of the three, was also my personal favourite, and the one that I thought he would struggle with the most (I was wrong): Cubu. Like all three games, what starts out as a seemingly simple concept, becomes more nuanced and enjoyable the more you play it. He did struggle with some of the finer rules of each game, but considering he has some developmental delays and is only 7, that’s not surprising (and as I mentioned above, game-play and rules can be altered to respond to any such issues). I do think he will enjoy them even more so as an older child. (As a side point, he loved the word “Cubu” from the start and repeated it a fair few times, and when we got the cards out he did his “happy dance,” so the joy was on multiple levels.)

If I have any critique of these games at all, it would be that some of the colours needed to be more sharply defined / distinct from each other, but I soon got used to the spectrums with more game play, and the different shades of colour can be seen as a strength of the game: requiring more attention and awareness to those differences. As they put it on their own website, “younger players will develop a deep appreciation of color and develop a relationship with the different hues that exist in the world, while having so much fun they won’t even realize they are learning.” I guess that applies to some of us older players too!

Funnybone Toys sent me my three games, and have very kindly offered one of my readers a set too, of all three games. (Which is good, because I have no intention of giving away my own set; they’re keepers.) This is what you have to do if you want to win Cubu, Spectrix and Array for yourself:082

Comment on this blog post telling me who you would play these games with (maybe your own child or grandchild, someone you work with in therapy sessions, or simply a friend who loves card games). You’ll get a bonus entry for sharing the post on Facebook, and a bonus entry for sharing the post through Twitter. You will need to tell me that you have shared them to get those extra entries. That’s a maximum of three entries per person (yes, you can have other members from your household enter the competition too). For each entry, I will write your name on a piece of paper and put it in a bowl. Two weeks from now I will get my 7 year-old to draw a name out of that bowl, and that’s the winner! Easy, right? I will even take a photo of my son drawing the name out, and post the photo back here after it’s drawn when I announce the winner.

Please make sure you use a valid email address on the comment form (don’t worry; the comment form doesn’t publicly share your email address), because I will forward the winner’s email address to Funnybone Toys who will then arrange to send the games out to you wherever you may be in the world (they managed to get a set out to me in New Zealand, so they can get one out to you too). By the way, they are simply lovely people to deal with, this company is doing all the right things, they even donated 50 game sets to the Colorado Autism Society; like I said, good people.

Winner will be drawn on Saturday night July 20th. Entries close at 4pm that day. Winner will be announced Sunday the 21st. These are all New Zealand dates and times, to avoid confusion (well, to avoid confusion for me anyway). Any questions, about the games or the competition, please do ask.

And good luck!

(If you don’t want to leave it to chance to get your games, or want to buy a set for others who you know will enjoy and appreciate it, the Funnybone Toys website does sell the products directly, and provides a list of others stores and online retailers which also stock their product.)

Finally, I just want to personally thank them yet again for giving my son the chance to enjoy the games, and giving me the chance to share them with you 🙂

*** This competition is now closed. Winner will be drawn tonight by my son. Photo and result of the draw will go up by tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who entered, and good luck! ***

We did the draw this evening. My son turned his head away, put his hand in the bowl of everyone’s entries, and this is what happened:

The bowl with everyone's entries.

The bowl with everyone’s entries.

Randomly drawing out a name...

Randomly drawing out a name…

And the winner is...

And the winner is…

Congratulations Hilary (the third commenter). I’ll be emailing you soon, and putting you in touch with Funnybone Toys to arrange delivery 🙂

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25 Responses to Giveaway and Review of 3 Games from Funnybone Toys: Cubu, Spectrix and Array.

  1. Valerie says:

    Wow, these games sound great! I would love to play them with my son Jared, 13, with Asperger’s Syndrome. Thanks so much! I am posting on my FaceBook and Twitter.

  2. Silvia says:

    I’d play them with my son and husband, who are both on the autism spectrum. They really are pretty to look at, and sound fun as well. Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. Hilary says:

    My daughter (helped by my adult autistic son) runs free social groups for kids with Aspergers/HFA on the first Saturday of the month. The morning session is for 10-12 year olds and the afternoon session for teenagers. As you can imagine card games are very popular and the skill levels vary considerably. My son’s specialty is playing endless games of Uno with new members who are often a bit shy or uncertain. I’m sure members of the group would love these new games, and they sound like they could be played by young people with a wide range of abilities. There are no funds for new resources (they rely on donations) otherwise I am sure they would order a set. (I am posting on FB and Twitter)

  4. Shirley says:

    I really appreciate “adaptive play” ideas, it is what keeps us staying to play in our house!
    I would play these with my two kids. Thanks Julien and A&O for the offer.

  5. jillsmo says:

    I would TOTALLY play these games. Maybe I would let a child play with me. Maybe.

  6. Jessi C says:

    I would play these games. My husband would play these games… we might share with our 8 year old autistic son, since he’s needing to learn how to play games. We could also share with our NT 5 year old! Oh my, at the possibilities!!

    I shared this on my blog’s Facebook page, Deciphering Morgan.

  7. Patty says:

    Me! Me! Me! Me! Pick me!!! I want to play this game with all three of my kids–oldest has autism and youngest has language processing issues and some autistic tendencies. Sharing on FB and Twitter

  8. I am desperate for some new games to play with my 12yo. Sooooo sick of the same ones over and over and over and over (you get the picture).

    These look like games he might actually like. Also, my 9yo on the spectrum might be able to join in too. Thanks to you and Funnybone Toys for the giveaway.

    And I’m going to tweet this right now.

  9. Anja says:

    Hi, I’d play with my kids. just recently my 7 yr old autie boy has just started to show keen interest for card game and finally is playing w his 6 yr old brother for ages. It’d be lovely to carry on with more games to add variety. Sharing on twitter 🙂

  10. Elysa Garcia says:

    I would play it with my cute 5 year old brother. He’s not diagnosed with autism, but has other developmental/learning delays and displays autistic behaviors.
    I shared the post on facebook.

  11. Please note, this competition is now closed. Winner will be drawn tonight and announced by tomorrow.

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