Fundraising for a friend’s family to receive an assistance dog (go on, you know you want to)!

Once upon a time, in a land not far away (in fact, it was just across town), I met a woman with a son about the same age as mine, facing similar challenges to mine. We were both attending a session for autistic preschoolers. I was new to the whole autism gig, but she had the confidence and knowledge that I lacked, and helped me feel welcome. She was my first autism parent friend.Matthew

Today she launched a fundraising page, to help her family reach the $20,000 goal that will allow them to get an assistance dog for her son Matthew. The money goes to the charity that especially trains these dogs, but doesn’t cover the full costs of training – which is $48,000 – so you’d be helping out a charity as well as helping out a special family by giving to Matthew’s cause.

Not only does her son Matthew have autism, he also has ADHD and epilepsy. You can find out more about Matthew, and about how this dog can change his and his family’s life, by clicking through to their fundraising page.

MatthewMy family has made a donation of $20 already, we are not in a good financial position right now but that is what we can afford. If you could give $5 or $10 or more, or even just help promote her fundraising page for those who can’t afford to give right now, you’d be helping out both a good family and a good charity, “Assistance Dogs New Zealand.” (I’d have loved to say we were the first to give, but that honour goes to the wonderful Jill Smo from “Yeah, Good Times.” She doesn’t even know this family personally and lives in another country altogether, so I think that makes her doubly awesome.)

So please, consider giving, or sharing, or both. I know they will appreciate it beyond words, and it will make a very real difference in the life of that family and for Matthew especially.

Thanks 🙂

(Here’s one more link to the fundraising page in case you need the final reminder! “An Assistance Dog for Matthew!!“)

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6 Responses to Fundraising for a friend’s family to receive an assistance dog (go on, you know you want to)!

  1. Leona Byrne says:

    Thank you so much Linda!!!! This will make such a difference to Matthew and our family! I felt very lucky to have met and spent time with you and your family…. And your little guy has come such a long way!!! Your fellow blogger and donator is just amazing!!!!!

  2. nostromoswife says:

    Donated 🙂 Such a deserving charity and family.

  3. Matty Angel says:

    I donated 5 dollars 🙂

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