Stats and Review of my Second Year of Blogging!

My blog is now two years old. This time last year I did a post recording all my stats and reviewing my most popular posts at that time, as well as mentioning my favourite bloggers. I found it interesting to read back over it, so I’m repeating the exercise again.

In the first year my blog reached 33,000 hits; it’s now at 111,882! My Facebook page had 89 fans, it now has 221. My Twitter followers have gone up from 241 to 583. I’m quite chuffed with all those increases. I didn’t record last time how many blog followers I had – people who want to receive an email each time I write a post – but the figure is now at 98.

What brings those lovely people to my blog? My most viewed post continues to be “Violence, Autism and Bad Parenting.” Another violence related post comes in at number three: “Autism and Violence Rhetoric.” The most searched terms bringing people here are, accordingly, “autism and violence” and “autism violence.” I continue to be disappointed that these topics are what drive people to my blog, but I hope those people stick around and read some of my more up-beat and amusing posts while they’re here.

The most commented on post is still the one on marijuana use for autism. Followed (not surprisingly) by the number of comments on my “Autism, Violence and Bad Parenting” post.

My favourite bloggers a year ago, continue to hold my respect and attention (back then it was “Countering,” “Autism Jabberwocky,” “The Tumultuous Truth” (which is now an inactive blog) and “Cracking the Enigma.“) There are two particular blogs that have captured my attention over the past year, which are worth looking up if you’re not familiar with them: “Just a Lil Blog” by the highly amusing Jim, and “Snagglebox,” which is a particularly well-written and educational blog.

A year from now I intend to still be blogging, but the next month or so are going to be a bit quieter than usual as my family is going through some testing times right now. (So if you see my number of blog posts dropping off soon, don’t worry, I’m still here.) I fully intend to be doing another one of these review posts in a year’s time (and by then I’m hopeful a topic and post will have eclipsed the “violence” one, for drawing people to my site!)

I want to end by providing a few links to people and particular autism-friendly organisations, that have supported me and my family over the past year. Not one of these people or groups has asked me to link to them, paid me to link to them, or know that I am doing this. It’s just my small way of saying thank you for their support:

  • A close friend of mine has the most lovely shop on Etsy, where she sells vintage jewelry that is worth a browse for the pure beauty of the items.
  • A while ago I had a family photo shoot with a woman who was so accommodating of my son’s autism, that she turned what would have been a stressful event into something very special. She works from Auckland, at Anja Gallas Photography.
  • The soccer club that welcomed my autistic son, where he still goes and enjoys himself every weekend, Little Kickers.
  • Someone very dear in my life, who is a passionate writer and enjoys sharing what she has learnt about writing, Pamela Gervai’s writing site can be found here.

Thank you to those people – and again, to all my readers and commenters – for your interest, input, and support over the past year, and going into the next.

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10 Responses to Stats and Review of my Second Year of Blogging!

  1. Bec Oakley says:

    Hey Linda, thanks for the nice words about Snagglebox! Congrats on your two year anniversary! Finding your blog has been one of the best things to have happened this year. You’re one of the few blogs I can count on to give a balanced, intelligent, informed opinion about very important issues. Plus you’re a whole lot of fun and super cool to boot 🙂 Can’t wait to see what’s coming up over the next year.

  2. mrsstone says:

    Well deserved recognition for a wonderful blog and blogger x.

  3. blogginglily says:

    You mean, let me understand this cause, ya know maybe it’s me, I’m a little f@%&ed up maybe, but I’m funny how, I mean funny like I’m a clown, I amuse you? I make you laugh, I’m here to f@%&in’ amuse you? What do you mean funny, funny how? How am I funny?

    That’s a movie quote, just in case you think I’m actually upset and homocidal, I’m not. I was just quoting a movie.

    Thanks for mentioning me in your awesome blog! WOOT!

  4. Happy two year anniversary toooooo yooouuuuu!!! Your blog is one of my favorite places for thoughtful ideas, kindly offered suggestions for change and well researched autism studies broken down and examined with intelligence! Not to mention the only place I’ve found with adorable nipple art!! I’ve loved your blog since day one, and have felt absolutely no need to follow another since! Of course I’m a fan of reading other blogs, articles and studies from around the globe, but there is no need to request any other voices come straight to my inbox!

    I’m looking forward to another year of learning with–and getting to know!–you and your wonderful family!!

    This is so exciting! I think I’ll celebrate by sipping coffee and eating cheesecake. Fattening? Yes. But I’m willing to take one for the team! I’ll do it for you! tee hee!

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