Where do good bloggers go when they stop blogging?

Yet another awesome autism blogger – Sharon from “The Tumultuous Truth” – has called it quits.

I’ll add the words “inactive blog” to the link on my blog roll, as I have done for a fair few over the years. I’ve had a look through the list of blogs I used to follow that have shut down, and I can’t say I see any trend for the reasons why they quit: Sometimes it’s life entering a different stage, or conflicts in the online community, and sometimes no reason is given at all. I’m fine with all options; the blog writer owes no one an explanation as far as I’m concerned. We start for our own reasons, and we stop for our own reasons.

“The Tumultuous Truth” is a favourite blog, that I checked on very regularly ever since discovering it. But what’s better, was getting to know the writer herself, which only happened because we enjoyed each others’ blogs (we had no other previous connection). I have an increasing number of friendships that have grown from blogging. Friends who make me laugh, and who sympathise with me when I’m going through tough times, and who simply understand. They’re people I may never meet, but there are all manner of ways of being close without actually being close.

So yes it’s sad that Sharon won’t be sharing her awesomeness through her blog anymore. But blogging is for so many of us, just a blip on a much bigger radar. We cross lives with other bloggers and commenters for a while, nothing may come of it or something may come of it, but hopefully we part ways better informed and more enlightened than before we met. Like all those other bloggers, I wish Sharon the best, and thank her for all the great posts, and I encourage you to head over and check her blog out if you’ve not previously had the pleasure. And I hope that the day I choose to stop blogging too, people can say it was worth my while doing this thing I do for the time I did it.

Where do good bloggers go when they stop blogging? They’re next-door, and in-line behind you in the supermarket, and in the playground. Good bloggers were always there alongside us, and will continue to be there, mostly unknown and unrecognised but changing lives and perceptions and educating all the same. Even an inactive blog can cause change for the better.

Thank you Sharon, for being a voice for the good, and best of luck with your kids and your future writing, I look forward to following your continuing journey elsewhere: It’s only just begun and yet you’ve already come so far  🙂


Edit: I am very pleased to see that Sharon has returned to blogging, please do pop over and check out the continued awesomeness readily available at The Tumultuous Truth.

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5 Responses to Where do good bloggers go when they stop blogging?

  1. mrsstone says:

    Bugger Linda, you’ve made me cry. x

  2. A lovely and deserving tribute!

  3. That was beautiful! -I have also enjoyed Sharon’s post’s

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