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Autistics, atheists, and men, are mentally deficient..? Looking at a recent study’s findings on belief in god.

There’s a new study out (published May 30th 2012), entitled “Mentalizing Deficits Constrain Belief in a Personal God.” If you prefer not to read the study itself, you can read this news write-up “Autism May Diminish Belief in God.” The … Continue reading

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Autism e-cards

I’ve been enjoying the e-cards that have been turning up on Facebook lately, and decided to construct a few of my own about autism. Do feel free to make your own too, and share them with me via the comments … Continue reading

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“Carer Support Days”: A Flawed and Failing Support System, that invites Fraud

There is $2280 of funding, aimed at supporting myself and my husband as carers of a disabled child, that we don’t access each year. We didn’t access it at all last year, we’ve just been told we’ve been granted it … Continue reading

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Thoughts on The Line Between Health and Education

Experience soon teaches us that we learn better when we are physically and mentally well; we all have experienced the flu, or extreme stress or depression, something that made us perform well below our capacity. This truth is recognised within … Continue reading

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Making sense of the NZ Court of Appeal decision on paying parents as carers

Yesterday the New Zealand Court of Appeal released its decision confirming the outcome of two previous rulings (at the Human Rights Review Tribunal and the High Court): That it is discrimination for the Government to have a rule against paying … Continue reading

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His Guide to Appropriateness, Criminality, and The Good: Can you still drive?

My six year-old son has figured out a way to understand what is good and what is appropriate in this world: does it affect your ability to drive. Knowing how important driving is to him, can make it easy to … Continue reading

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Concern Over Politically Correct Autism Rhetoric

I write over twice as many posts as I ever publish. Sometimes it’s because I want to think further over what I’ve written (and never come back to the post because life gets in the way). But the vast majority … Continue reading

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