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Problem-Solving Nippled Art

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My son and I were watching his favourite after-school TV show yesterday, when they started promoting a competition for the kids: Send in a self-portrait and you’ll go in the draw for a game system. Awesome opportunity to do some … Continue reading

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ASD and Language Impairment; Sometimes, they don’t understand more than you think…

I’ve very often heard people say to me – as if it was an accepted maxim of all children’s development – that they can always understand more than what they can say. It’s also often said in regards to autistic … Continue reading

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Epidemic Silence: Under-diagnosis and the Insult of Autism

My son has autism. This is a fact, not an insult. And yet… Today I was reading a new forum discussion on a local website. The original poster was a carer of a two-year-old child. She was asking for advice … Continue reading

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Government Benefits and Allowances for Autism, in New Zealand

Figuring out what benefits – if any – you can access from the government, to help financially support a child (or adult) with autism, can be quite a daunting task. I’ve encountered many people with an autistic child who have … Continue reading

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The Objectification of Autistic People

Please note that this post is an attempt to bring together a range of ideas and concerns I’ve been grappling with for a while, rather than a definitive version of my view on all these issues. It is “unpolished”, but … Continue reading

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