My Liebster Award (caving to the meme)

I’ve had two blogsters that I greatly respect, decide that I deserve the Liebster Award (insert icon thusly:)

The award is a way for bloggers to recognise and bring attention to other newish / underappreciated bloggers (as defined by having less than 200 followers. I have 5o much-loved followers; it’s quality, not quantity, people! And each and every one of you are quality, yes you are).

Anywho, I have to first acknowledge who gave me this award, so a big yay to Jim from Just a Lil Blog (who said some truly lovely things about my blog), and to the most wonderful “Me” from The Tumultuous Truth. After I have answered various questions that come as part of this meme, I shall be selecting five other worthy recipients, who I hope you will check out.

So, to the questions:

Favourite Colour? Maybe a purply, reddy, rich bluey concoction. With a hint of deep green. And a pinch of cinnamon.

Favourite Animal? Pretty much lizards. And cats. Except when the cats fight outside your children’s windows at 1am, in which case, only lizards. Except that lizard that bit me that time after I saved it from the pool, ungrateful little sod. I’d named it and everything, I’d called it something long beginning with G from my favourite kid’s cartoon at the time (apparently not something very memorable).

Favourite Number? 7 or 9. I’ve long thought my favourite number should be 4 – something to do with the universe and the balance of the elements and the sides of a pyramid and the dimensions of being – but I could never quite love 4 the way I should.

Favourite Drink? Back when I drunk alcohol (I simply don’t anymore and haven’t for years), my favourite drinks had rude names that would get my blog black-listed, so let’s just say I was also fond of the Bloody Mary (wait, can I say “bloody”?).

Facebook or Twitter? Meh. I suppose Facebook. I’m not a big fan of social media type platforms as a general rule.

My Passion? Education; reading (science and fantasy genres); Joss Whedon creations; the early Playstation Final Fantasy series; vampire themed stuff of all sorts, and of course my kiddy-winks. (Just pretend there was an “s” on the end of “passion”, k?)

Giving or Getting Presents? Definitely giving, and not just because I’m a nice person (though I totally am). I like giving rather than getting because I feel really awkward and upset when I find out someone has spent their time and money selecting a gift for me that I will never use or enjoy. I always tell them how great it is, but I hate been put in the position of lying or hurting them, ugh. Giving is so much more fun in general; then other people have to pretend to like my presents instead! 😀

Favourite Day? Whatever day I and my family are happy and well and together. That doesn’t tend to fall on any particular day of the week or year, but it does seem to occur more often in Summer.

Favourite Flower? A strong-smelling rose, maybe like this one grown in my mother’s garden, called Compassion. Isn’t that a lovely name? She gave me some to take home and I took this photo of them, which reminds me that I should have included “taking photos of random stuff I adore” in that “passions” question above.

Now for five fellow bloggers who also deserve it, and meet the criteria (as best I can tell, not everyone provides how many followers they have on their blogs):

OK, so that’s four. There we go, I finally found a role for the number four in my life.

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6 Responses to My Liebster Award (caving to the meme)

  1. blogginglily says:

    Look at you, gettin’ all light-hearted and amusing and what-not!

    Three out of your four were new to me, and one I should have known because I follow her on twitter, so this has been a nice blog-mining venture considering I also had not seen Sharon’s blog. FOUR NEW BLOGS!! Now I can fill that last half hour of my work day that I might have spent working reading those new blogs instead!

  2. KDL says:

    Hi! Thanks for the nomination – funny one of my other readers also nominated me. I was going to nominate you but saw that two other people already had – but now I can add another link to you anyway to say thanks to you, too. I didn’t know about the questions part, so I guess I escaped that piece…and now I’ll be checking out the other links you mentioned above. In the end I think that is the real point. Cheers!

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