Words of Whimsical Wisdom..?

My son has… a way with words. He struggles to piece together questions and statements, and they often come out in unusual and sometimes beautiful ways. I’ve been collecting some of his more-special sentences from the past few months (5 to 6 years old); here are a few of my favourites:

  • Next time Daddy not use his brain, Mummy get very angry, Daddy go to police with pyjamas.” (No, I’m not going to explain what lead up to him saying that, let’s just say the disagreement my husband and I were having at the time came to a laughing stop after that.)
  • Can I tiptoe on the rhino?” That sentence was the product of my son trying to figure out if there was a difference between how he could walk on the lino (linoleum) and the carpet.
  • When trying to explain to him that “nobody in the world” can tell him his future (when he will be sick and when he will be well months in advance), his questioning reply – as he tried to figure out whether anyone can know these things – was “in a different world?
  • Telling off his baby brother (brother’s name changed to “Joe” here): “Joe, stop learning, stop learning to play. Joe, go to cot!
  • He’s been asking a lot of questions lately about what will happen if things are different, one of the more sweet examples are “If no love, you will die?
  • And finally, one that I will never forget. He was lying on the couch and I leaned over him to give him a big smile. He stares up at me with a serious look on his face all of a sudden, and says all earnestly: “Why are you so beautiful?


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8 Responses to Words of Whimsical Wisdom..?

  1. nostromo says:

    I like!
    I also note, that if I was walking on a Rhino I’d be sure to tip toe 🙂

  2. Janine says:

    Oh bless his heart. Thank you for sharing these precious and heartwarming moments.

  3. Tsara says:

    Awesome! One that I will never forget from one of my own kids came about during an early morning attempt at staying home from school. Since this particular son was still struggling with social skills and keeping his clothes on, these early morning discussions were routine. But I will never forget the time he stood naked on tip toe in my bedroom door and said quite frankly, ‘If we HAVE to go to school then America is not really free, is it?’. Touche!

  4. Sharon says:

    The last example….oh my goodness. Words fail me.

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