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The stats and a review, of my first year of blogging

It’s been a year since I started this blog, about autism and my autistic son (who is now six years old). In that first year, my blog got 33, 714 hits, the largest proportion of those originate from the USA. … Continue reading

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“Then who took my son?” aka, the Morning from Hell

One of my greatest fears as a mother, is that a stranger would take my son, and I wouldn’t know where my son was or what was happening with him, or whether I’d get him back. These fears are multiplied … Continue reading

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An Imaginary Whanau

Not long before my son turned six years old, he created his first imaginary friend. The friend’s name is “Whanau,” which happens to be the Maori word for extended family. I can imagine all sorts of motivators for that choice … Continue reading

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Intent vs Effect re the Exclusion of General Developmental Delay under ASD in the DSM-5

This post is a more in-depth analysis of the issue identified in an earlier post, in regards to the potential exclusion of those with intellectual disability from an autism diagnosis. This is a complex issue and I am open to … Continue reading

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But For Autism

I remember interesting conversations arising in my law and philosophy classes, over the limits and problems of causation. In law this problem often arose under the discussion of the “but for” test; in philosophy it often occurred in the context … Continue reading

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