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An Attempt to Understand the Frontier of Discrimination

My son sits at a frontier of discrimination, because of his autism. People know they shouldn’t be judging him based on his genitalia or sexual orientation, his skin colour, his religion (or lack thereof), country of birth, or even his … Continue reading

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My Post on the “Self-Advocate/Parent Dialogues”, up at Autism Blogs Directory

There is an ongoing dialogue (in the form of posts by various interested parties) about the rift between self-advocates and parents of autistic children, over at Thinking Persons Guide to Autism (TPGTA). I found the dialogue quite frustrating, and have … Continue reading

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Can the elephant see our house?

My five year-old autistic son makes full use of his developing language to ask some very interesting questions about the world. It used to be so rare to have him put a meaningful sentence together that I’d write it down … Continue reading

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Why I Refuse to Forget the Horror of Autism, aka, Between Two Autism Worlds

I find myself in agreement with diverse attitudes towards autism, because I’ve lived with autism’s diversities. I have spent years with a severely autistic child who was a danger to himself and myself; who faced a largely non-verbal future with … Continue reading

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My Blog for Peace; From Battle Parent to Peace Parent in the Autism World

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Today is the United Nations International Day of Peace. I’m taking part in the “Blog for Peace” by sharing what peace means to me, from the role of parenting an autistic child. I knew becoming a parent would mean I … Continue reading

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A Question of Humanity?

Autism is often referred to in ways that dehumanize autistic people: That autism leaves a child seemingly soul-less; that the person once present in that body and mind is now missing or unreachable. That autism robs something from the person … Continue reading

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My Guest Post over at “Autism and Empathy”

My guest post, entitled “The Hurt Vehicle: One Boy’s Empathy,” went live today at the blog “Autism and Empathy.” Please do head over and check it out. I wrote it specifically for that blog, so it won’t be appearing here. … Continue reading

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When mainstream teachers attack: The crossing-guard, part two

You’ll remember (or can look up) the initial confrontation I had with a local mainstream school teacher on Friday, who decided she was the enforcer of the road rules against the driver of my son’s special needs school van. Essentially, … Continue reading

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“United Future” Policies, and Autism

I’ve done a lot of hunting through the policies of the Parties running in the upcoming New Zealand General Election; trying to find their express views on disability, particularly as they impact on autism families. The difficulty of finding their … Continue reading

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“He’s not intellectually disabled; he’s just intellectually disabled,” ASD & ID

Discussions of intelligence and autism get heated very quickly. There are passionately divergent views; some seeing astoundingly high intellect as part-in-parcel with the autistic mind, with others claiming low intelligence levels almost always come hand-in-hand with an autism diagnosis. These … Continue reading

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