Freelance Autism Writers, Job Listing (yes, they actually pay you to write about autism!)


Image by orangeacid via Flickr

I had this job listing forwarded to me by a kind friend who works in the journalism field; he thought I’d be well suited to it. Unfortunately I’m too busy to take the work on, and too busy to even pull together the information required for an application. So for those who aren’t as busy, and keen to actually get paid for writing about autism, do check it out! (It’s not country specific by the way.)

Applications close in 3 days (4th August). Check the ad itself for further details.

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7 Responses to Freelance Autism Writers, Job Listing (yes, they actually pay you to write about autism!)

  1. Not interested in getting paid to write about autism.

    Autism to me is too important, too important a part of my son’s life, to get paid to write about it.

    He who pays the piper calls the tune.

    • Fair call Harold, I do understand what you’re saying.

      I know many families with autistic children are in desperate need of extra financial help; this seems like a nice way to ease the financial pressure, particularly for those of us who have trouble getting out of the house.

      Personally, I would have applied for the job if I had the time. I would have continued to write for my own blog independently and seen the job of writing for them as a separate endeavour. I’m sure there are ways to balance an independent voice alongside a paying position.

  2. regina says:

    Parents of children with autism and people with autism should be the only ones writing about it because they are the only ones who truly deeply feel it and understand it. I am a single mother of a severely autistic son and this is my expertise. Id love to get paid for my experience.

    • tixchel says:

      I understand the feelings expresses above however from a distance. I stated my non profit organization 10 years ago in honor of a little girls who was diagnosed. Her family was so supportive of the child’s experiences and care that for them to start an organization was impossible but for me with my four teenagers, it not only became a family project and community project, we won an award for our services. You are right for the experiences, but my experiences were so profound I thank the children everyday who taught me.

  3. The link will not work for me

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