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NZ National Standards and Special Needs (with a particular focus on Autism)

One of the hot topics in education over the past few years, is that of National Standards; introduced into New Zealand schools as of 2010. Or, at least, it was meant to be introduced in 2010; many schools continue to … Continue reading

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Parenting worlds apart; the insult of the “slow child”

I regularly read forum posts on a local site where I have a trading account. The forum includes a parenting section, where parenting topics are discussed and parenting concerns are raised. I’m used to seeing the occasional autism-related discussion and … Continue reading

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An Eye on Autism in the 2011 New Zealand Elections: Introductory Post

The national elections in New Zealand, will be taking place on November 26th 2011 (click here for the election timetable). Leading up the fateful day, various political parties and candidates will of course be sharing their views and policies on … Continue reading

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My Guest Post, on the Subject of Autism and Education, at “Teaching the Teacher”

Please consider popping over to the blog “Teaching the Teacher” to read my guest post entitled “Educating an autistic child is an opportunity.” “Teaching the Teacher” is a blog written by a teacher-to-be in New Zealand. The blog’s author kindly … Continue reading

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“The tip of the iceberg”? Autism and Police in NZ, questions raised by Arie’s case.

The man with Aspergers syndrome, who was charged with looting after the Christchurch Earthquake six months ago, has finally had the charges against him dropped by the police. I would like to say this was a reflection of an improved … Continue reading

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Why I won’t do that autism family intervention

I have been asked a few times to “intervene” with other families that are raising autistic children. People see how far my son has come, and how well we appear to manage his difficult behaviours, so they think I’d be … Continue reading

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The Last-placing Winner

Yesterday I went to watch my five year-old son run the cross-country at school. On the way home in the car I was shuddering and wiping tears from my eyes. I’m going to tell you what happened. My son attends … Continue reading

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Distinguishing Giftedness from Aspergers; will the DSM-5 help?

There’s a fine line between giftedness and Aspergers. This thought-provoking and carefully considered article, explains to a certain extent how closely related the two can be (or more precisely, can seem to be). There are people – including professionals – … Continue reading

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The 4 Main DSM-5 Autism Controversies

The publication of the DSM-5 is still a long way off (May 2013). But critiques of its proposed changes to the existing definitions and criteria in DSM-IV, for autism and associated conditions, are well underway. I am very interested in … Continue reading

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My changing son, and what autism might mean to him.

I am exhausted, which is a good reason not to write a post. But I have so many ideas and thoughts floating around in my head tonight, I can feel them slowly coming together, and it helps to organise my … Continue reading

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