Arie Update (Autistic Christchurch Looter Case) (Updated again 22nd August 2011).

Christchurch Earthquake 22/02/11

Image by geoftheref via Flickr

I was expecting to have a follow-up report for you, since Cornelius Arie Smith-Voorkamp was due for a status hearing today. Arie is the man with Aspergers, who allegedly looted a property following the Christchurch earthquake. The case has led to a lot of discussion about the nature of autism, and its relevance to the criminal justice system.

Due to snow though, there has been a delay in Arie’s visit to a doctor for a psychiatrict report, and the district court has remanded the case until August 22nd. Also giving the police more time to consider their stance.

I will keep an eye on future updates, and share them as they become available.

For those unfamiliar with the case, here is a list of my previous posts on the case:


News just in, that the case against Arie has finally been dropped (though the police did have a few more digs at him in the process): Link to the news story on NZ Herald.

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