“What are you doing?” An Australian Autism Awareness film for schools

I happened upon this delightful project today. A short-film called “What are you doing?” has been made by an Australian group called “Autism Awareness.” The film will be screened in Australian primary schools later this year, and they are hopeful it will reach schools in other countries too. The premiere will be in Sydney, on July 28th 2011.

It looks to be quite a gentle, positive, and truthful approach to autism from what I’ve seen; neither romanticising autism, nor making it scary. Which is exactly what you want when trying to open the minds and hearts of fellow classmates. I very much look forward to seeing the full version after it has premiered. But for now, here is the trailer:

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6 Responses to “What are you doing?” An Australian Autism Awareness film for schools

  1. Pam Mace says:

    Cool, Well Done Oz! It’s so good to see somebody getting some positive ideas into schools, specially by kids, for kids.
    Thanks for your great blog, too. So good to see a kiwi mum doing this. Most of the online info we’ve been finding since my 6yr old granddaughter began showing signs, is American. I’m now following you on facebook and sharing with my daughters.

  2. broniors says:

    I have had the good fortune to see the film. It is very well made and I think that it will be really good at communicating with kids about Autism (but also many educators as well). I think it will help to overcome some of the stereotypes and encourage typically developing kids to engage more with kids on the spectrum.

    I hope that they will have it distributed to schools soon (can you believe the government after making it haven’t been exactly helpful in distributing it … go figure) and after that I understand they plan on making it more widely available.

    In Australia … Autism Awareness is similar to Autism Speaks in that they are an advocacy group that aims to
    * provide a voice for people with autism to get better access and funding for therapies and services
    * provide a repository of information on services that are available and information on autism
    * educate parents, educators and other professionals on autism and what to look out for
    * educate the general public about autism

  3. Meg Runge says:

    Fantastic film, particularly as it is taken from the perspective of the siblings and why not? They are the people living with ASD 24/7. Short viewing time, hightens awareness in a very sensitive informative way.

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