Just Keep Swimming

It’s not a good day. The family car’s window was broken last night, and the GPS stolen. I’m reminded of when our previous car was stolen, with the baby seat in the backseat (never saw that car again). And the other time our car was stolen and taken for a joy-ride, leaving us to explain the speeding ticket they got on that joy-ride. So I’m thinking, you know, broken window and missing GPS, is bad but it could have been worse.

The day was bad before I’d opened my eyes anyway since I’ve got a cold. But I never just have a cold; my body always turns it into asthma that leaves me semi-attached to my inhaler as I otherwise struggle to breathe. But you know what my body used to do (well you don’t so I’ll tell you), it used to turn every cold into full-blown bronchitis. So yeah, I can handle a little asthma (and the headache, and nausea).

I tried to explain to my son that a bad man – known as a criminal – had done the damage to the car. He thought about that for a while and told me that he was going to grow up and always be good, in his own words, “I’m just a good person.” His use of the word “just” there is as in “only”; ie he is not now and will not grow up to be, a bad person. I know he doesn’t talk like other children, and every communication is a struggle, but I love the way he expresses himself and I’m just so happy he is able to talk at all. I was watching videos of him last night. There was one where he was about three years old, and I was trying over and over to get him to say “hello”; one simple word. After a while he looks at the camera and says “one, two”, and I tell him well done for saying “one, two” and he smiles. I take my smiles where I can get them.

I’ve been through a lot of bad stuff in my time (worse than the sniffles and a broken car window), but I have learnt over time what I think we all learn but sometimes forget; you’re going to make it through, just keep swimming.

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4 Responses to Just Keep Swimming

  1. Sharon says:

    Hope youre feeling better soon.

  2. KWombles says:

    Sorry about the car and the cold/asthma. ((()))

    • Thanks Kim 🙂

      The car window is now fixed (the insurer was fantastic), and the husband is somewhat excited about finding a new GPS (I’m somewhat less excited about figuring out how we’re going to afford it).

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