My son’s most amusing sentences of 2010


Image by ailatan via Flickr

Inspired by the comments I received on my previous post, I have decided to share my favourite sentences from my autistic son in 2010. He has only really started using sentences this year; he has come a very long way from when he was three years-old, largely non-verbal, and his speech therapist told us she couldn’t say whether he’d ever be able to speak a sentence. Here’s to you, kid 🙂

  • Randomly said from the back seat of the car, with no lead up or explanation: “I am a storm.” (I have no idea where he picked that piece of echolalia up, I’m guessing kindergarten though.)
  • Said in frustration to the TV, as he turns it to face the right direction (after his younger brother had moved it): “Don’t get lost, OK?”
  • Said in wonderment as he watches a snail chomping on a leaf, “plant is eating the snail!”
  • Said in regards to a little boo-boo on his foot, “toe’s not happy.”
  • Said with joy after the rain stopped, “rain has stopped, time for puddles!”
  • Said in response to my explanation that his younger brother has a pee-pee (penis) just like him and his father, “so silly, lots of pee-pees!”
  • And my favourite needs a bit of explanation: When something is incorrect or not allowed, my son says it’s “not available”. We were spelling words and he spelt “dog” backwards. I said “that’s not dog, that’s god”, to which he replied, “god not available!”

I hope you all found reasons to smile this past year too 🙂

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5 Responses to My son’s most amusing sentences of 2010

  1. Stef says:

    Autism Sux is sometimes funny. But yes kids say the darndest things, and autism can make it even better.

  2. Jenny says:

    So cute. I love when you said, “I have no idea where he picked up that piece of echolalia.” When Josh keeps saying something that I have no idea where he got it, I’ll often say, “Who says that?” and sometimes he’ll tell me. Sometimes it’s him. ha ha

  3. Jenny says:

    I was looking through my blog for some things and came across this funny. Just had to come back and share! : )

    Josh was mad at noah and his stuffed cat because the cat meowed in his face or kissed him or something. Josh wanted to take it away. I told him, “No, it’s Noah’s. You just ask him not to get in your face.”

    Josh came out a few minutes later with the stuffed giraffe. (yes, we have a stuffed giraffe. two of them actually) “This is my giraffe. He kills cats. [straight faced as the night is dark!] (pause) My giraffe kills naughty cats.” It was very hard not to fall off my chair laughing! That is definitely one way to cope with a cat you don’t like.

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