A beautiful thought on a short-haired day

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Yesterday, I had a beautiful thought. Right after I’d had it I realised how amazing it was, considering everything I’ve been through with my son. Before I tell you what the thought was, I just want to say a little about what’s been so great lately, that lead up to it.

My autistic son is coming up to his last week of kindergarten. His first week there, so long ago, was all tears and biting and screaming, with me unable to leave his side week after week. Now when I drop him off at kindy he is all smiles and hugs and confidence, and yesterday was no exception. Next week he will be having two “transition visits” to the primary school he will be attending next year. There was a time that I was sure he’d never fit into the school system and I’d have to home-school him. But we’ve found the perfect school, and teacher, for him, and in the place of my usual worries about his future education, is hopefulness and happiness.

After his morning kindy session, it was time to try his first ever haircut. This is a huge deal for a child like mine, who has a big array of sensory issues that come up at a hairdresser’s, including the major one of water being sprayed on his head (see my Water Wars post about my son and water). But due to careful planning, lots of management of anxieties, and me counting down from 100 twice in a row while he sat in the chair, we managed to get his haircut! I was so ecstatic I had to stop myself from hugging the hairdresser. The proud mummy in me wanted to tell everyone in the store “hey look, my son just had a haircut!” We went next door to The Warehouse, he chose two little cars as his treat, and we went home.

That would have been enough of wonderful for me, but there was more to come. As the day continued at home (with my eldest telling me over and over that he now had short-hair, and even trying to tell me that this meant he was now a man), my two boys laughed and played together. Enjoying each other as brothers in a way that we could have only dreamed of when we first made the long thought-out and hard decision to have a second child (see my post about that decision here).

And as I sat there, watching them giggle, seeing my eldest with his new haircut, and feeling full of pride for mastering a new experience that could have so easily ended in an endless meltdown, I had a simple thought, that just floated into this often exhausted and worried mind of mine:

How truly lucky I am, to be the mother of these two amazing boys.

What a beautiful thought 🙂

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1 Response to A beautiful thought on a short-haired day

  1. Carters says:

    Linda, what a beautiful post! Thank you for sharing with us.

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