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A Dance of Joy

One of the most obvious behaviours that sets my five-year old son apart from other children, is what we have always called his “happy dance”: When he is excited or very happy, instead of simply laughing or smiling, he will … Continue reading

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Intelligence, Autism, and Genius

Intelligence is a tricky thing to measure, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest my husband and I do pretty well – we both have postgraduate degrees, have both been lecturers, my IQ is around … Continue reading

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The Perfect Little (Autistic) Baby

My first son was frequently called a “perfect baby”. Within a couple of months, he’d sleep a good eight hours in a row at night. He had many long day naps as he got older, and wouldn’t wake easily. He … Continue reading

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Hurry up, he’s three already..!

I coloured my world all the shades of guilt during the months after my son’s diagnosis. I used the classics (“did I do something wrong during my pregnancy, did I cause this with vaccines?”) and threw in some extremes too … Continue reading

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A Right to the Wrong Education?

I am told that my son has not only the right to a free education, but the right to an inclusive education: I am told that I may – and should – insist that he be educated within the mainstream … Continue reading

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Autism, Choice, and Morality.

Autism affects almost every aspect of the person’s life – their speech, movements, relationships, senses, their very thought-patterns. And so (the argument goes), to love a person with autism, is to love autism – the person and the condition cannot … Continue reading

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Read my Face

Autistic children struggle to identify other people’s emotions. Not being able to figure out when someone else is happy, sad, afraid or angry, can lead to a mess of other problems with their social interactions and behaviour more generally. I’m … Continue reading

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Discipline and Autism

How to discipline, and not discipline, your children, is a topic that every parent has had to think about and form an opinion on. It’s been a very public topic throughout my adult years – with ongoing debates about laws … Continue reading

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That’s a Scribble

My autistic son struggles with his fine motor skills, so art-work has never been something he particularly enjoys or excels at. As he learnt to hold and move a pen, he became a great little scribbler. It started out random, … Continue reading

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Autism Burnout

I had intended to write a post on the autistic children who are expected to take part in intensive therapies when they are young, and then burnout (and thereby significantly regress) in later years. This debate is usually in regards … Continue reading

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