Beautiful Chaos


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It is hard navigating the minefield of modern parenting… even harder when you hit an actual mine before you make your first parenting decision. It would have been nice if the only issues I had to deal with were the hot topics of  whether to let my kid watch TV, or go to preschool before three years old, or breastfeed versus bottle-feed. Despite popular myth, it didn’t take a bad parenting decision about vaccinating my child that sealed my son’s fate – rather, the signs of Autism were there from the start, and we just didn’t recognise them. I try not to beat myself up about that since the medical experts in my son’s infant life also failed to pick up on it until it was so obvious that everyone had formed a theory about what was going on with him – even my neighbour’s three year old had a theory (I kid you not – we’ll get to that in another post).

On a weekly basis I have to deal with theories about what caused our son’s Autism, or how to fix it. On almost a daily basis I have to deal with opinions from other parents of Autistic kids who do things differently, or parents of “normal” kids who want to share their insights. Far too often I also have to deal with conflicting advice from the therapists assigned to my son. So I’ve decided to start this blog to wade my way through the mess – to keep a record of the good and the not so good, the helpful and the hateful, and to vent my frustrations and share my joys. Because yes, there are joys too. Sometimes there’s even a laugh or two in the madness.

Parenting an Autistic kid can be a terrifying chaos, but because you love the child, it is also a beautiful chaos.

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