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Toilet-training with Thomas

Over the space of about two years, I tried many different methods of toilet-training my Autistic son – some methods that were specifically recommended by his therapists, and some that I’d read about online or seen on TV, for normal … Continue reading

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Thomas and the TV Debate

It’s the common parenting wisdom now that there are no benefits and plenty of detriments, to exposing your preschool children to TV. I’m of the view that as long as you monitor what they’re watching, make it interactive, and give … Continue reading

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Causes and Cures for Autism, and the Neurotic Parent

Before I knew my son had Autism, the only cause I had heard of, was vaccinations. But since then I have heard a wide and ever-growing list of causes – from vinyl floors, to jaundice, to bad parenting. Just about … Continue reading

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Don’t Toilet-Train your Kid!

When my son was three, we started taking him to a “playgroup” for Autistic preschoolers. Quite a few of my experiences that I’ll be sharing on this blog, come from what I heard and saw there. One that surprised me … Continue reading

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Beautiful Chaos

It is hard navigating the minefield of modern parenting… even harder when you hit an actual mine before you make your first parenting decision. It would have been nice if the only issues I had to deal with were the … Continue reading

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