So long, and thanks for all the clicks :)

This is my last blog post.

There are a number of reasons I’m moving on, that have been impacting me for a while and have now become too overwhelming to continue this blog (nothing too scary – I’m OK!). But just because I’ll no longer be blogging here doesn’t mean I’ll stop advocating and rallying and speaking up for our children and the autism community in New Zealand. I still care, there are still fights to win, I’ll just be trying to do this through other means than blogging. There is a book on autism that I’d like to write one day, and if I do get around to it then announcing that book’s publication would turn this into the penultimate post instead. But for now, my work here is done.

I’ll leave the blog and the posts up, because the fact they still get quite a bit of traffic despite my inactivity suggests they’re helping someone out there! I’ll also retain my Twitter account and Facebook group for now; if you do need to get hold of me in the future for whatever reason, then messaging me through my Facebook group is your best bet.

I want to thank everyone who ever interacted with my blog. Every reader, commenter, sharer – you have all made me feel that what I had to share was worth sharing, that my voice mattered, that my experiences were not isolated ones and that I was part of a worldwide community.  I have learnt so much through this blogging experience and through my interactions with you. I have made new friends and contacts through this blog, who have benefited and enriched my life and my children’s lives. I wish all of you the very best on your own journeys 🙂

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Five (or Six) Diagnoses, Two Woo-tastic Communities, and an Eight Year Old Under a Pohutukawa Tree

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My eight year old is collecting diagnoses like it’s going out of fashion. We’re up to five (with a sixth in contention). He has confirmed diagnoses of autism, dyspraxia, dyslexia, dysgraphia, anxiety, and potentially has ADHD. All these long, scary … Continue reading

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Drowning in Need: Autism and Swimming in New Zealand

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The ability to swim is particularly vital for autistic children, as they are 160 times more likely to drown than other children are. That shocking statistic is a result of many factors, including that about 50% of autistic children wander, … Continue reading

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“Choose Your Battles” (and dealing with those who didn’t get their copy of the battle plan)

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Autism never affects a singular aspect of a person, and from a parenting perspective the myriad of ways in which autism impacts on your child is overwhelming. When you first get your child’s diagnosis, it is followed by a realisation … Continue reading

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Understanding the cuts to IDEA autism services * UPDATED *

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This post has been updated, due to important new information being revealed during question time in parliament, on April 6th. There has been a flurry of concerning stories of late, about changes to the autism services, supports, and programmes provided … Continue reading

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When I was dragged into the world of disability by my eldest son, I was forced to confront a lot of new and uncomfortable truths – truths about people, about society, and about myself. I couldn’t stay who I was … Continue reading

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What to look for when choosing a school for a child with special needs, in NZ

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One of the most challenging, and most important, decisions we make as parents of young children with special needs, is where to send them to school. I have two children with various special needs. One of my children has been … Continue reading

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We Stand Together, or We Fall Apart

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There is a growing awareness in New Zealand that our education system is not delivering on basic obligations to a significant and vulnerable group of children. This failure of the system affects all of the country’s children: When a child … Continue reading

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Seclusion versus Time Out, and Alternatives

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Why is it so wrong for schools to use seclusion, how is it any different from time out, and is time out a good idea anyway – what are the alternatives? These are important questions, that have come to the … Continue reading

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Dental Fear or Dental Care

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My children’s dentist is a free dental clinic attached to a school that is about half an hour’s drive from home. It’s not close, it’s not convenient, and I could get free dental care for the kids directly through their … Continue reading

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